4Minute – Name Is 4Minute Review

Name is 4Minute

Release Date: April 26, 2013

Track Listing

  1. What’s My Name
  2. What’s Your Name
  3. Whatever
  4. Gimme That
  5. Domino


Released in the spring of 2013, Name is 4Minute is the group’s fourth mini album and it contains their most successful single to date What’s Your Name?

This mini-album came after the promotions of the 4Minute sub-group 2YOON ended. The musical concept this time out was to have a more groovy and powerful sound. After giving this a listen that definitely is the case.

The majority of the tracks on this release are heavy on the Hip-Pop side of life with absolutely no ballads to be accounted for. If you don’t count the introduction and the previously released single you have three songs of new material to work with.

Thankfully none of these are filler and they all follow the sound established by the lead single fairly closely. Whether that is to your liking is most likely subjective but given the short running time of this album it’s perfectly acceptable to have a bunch of similar sounding songs one after the other.

But if you have to choose something else to listen to other than the lead single, Whatever is the most likely candidate to go for first. It’s a shame that the song is so short since it does have a fairly distinct groove amongst the other tracks.

Overall Name is 4Minute isn’t a mind-blowing experience. In the end it’ll be a here today, gone tomorrow or background noise type of listen, but this should be satisfactory for fans of the group until they release a proper full-length album again.

Name Is 4minute

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