MISAMO – MARSHMALLOW (Selective Hearing Remix)

MISAMO Masterpiece Cover

Release Date: July 25, 2023
BPM: 90

In late July, the TWICE sub-unit MISAMO released their debut Japanese EP, Masterpiece. One of the songs from the album is MARSHMALLOW, a pre-release to build up the hype for the EP’s full release. The original is a catchy bit of pop that has light touches of Hip-Hop and R&B instrumentation. Musically it falls in line with Korean TWICE releases rather than the typical J-Pop girl group fodder.

For my remix, I decided to keep a lot of the sweet vibe of the original. The only real change is the instrumental has more of a Hip-Pop swing to give the song a different type of feel.

NOTE: I did create a sync of my remix to the music video for this song. However, when I uploaded it to YouTube, it got blocked in half the world due to copyright on the music video. So, I uploaded an audio version instead to our account so the remix could still be heard.

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