Amber – Beautiful Review

Amber Beautiful

Release Date: February 16, 2016

Track Listing

  1. Beautiful
  2. Shake That Brass feat. Taeyeon
  3. Love Run
  4. Heights
  5. I Just Wanna feat. Eric Nam


Amber Josephine Liu is better known as Amber, a member of the multi-national K-Pop group f(x). She is the first member of the group to make a solo debut with this, her first EP.

The lead single from Beautiful is Shake That Brass featuring Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon. The video also features just about everyone you can think of in the world of current K-Pop.

The tracks on this EP have varying sounds including Hip-Hop, acoustic pop ballads and dance music. Three of the five songs on Beautiful were written and composed by Amber herself (Shake That Brass, Beautiful, I Just Wanna) and are the go to tracks if you want a quick hit of what this has to offer.

For long-time f(x) fans the last track is an English version of Goodbye Summer from the groups second album Pink Tape. So if that is one of your jams, this alternate take on the song will be of most interest.

I’m used to hearing Amber spitting rhymes so to hear her actually sing lead was a revelation, especially on the slower songs. She’s got some impressive vocal chops that should perhaps be exploited a little more once f(x) resume activities as a group again.

The only problem with Beautiful is that it goes by so fast and leaves a wanting for more just when things start getting good. So if that is the intention, good job S.M. Release a repackage with more songs please.



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