Ayami Muto – I-POP Review


Release Date: February 25, 2015

Track Listing

  1. Parallel World
  2. Daydreamin
  3. Doki Doki
  4. Mira Creation
  5. Kaze no Shippo
  6. Symphony No. 1
  7. Mirai e no Sign
  8. Owari wa Hajimari
  9. Sora (Music Edition bonus track)


Ayami Muto is the first full-scale solo idol act on the Amuse label. Before her solo debut, she was a member of the idol group Karen Girl’s (under the name AYAMI) until 2009, when the group was dissolved.

In 2010 Sakura Gakuin was formed as an eight-member unit with Muto as their leader. She stayed in the group until graduating in the spring of 2012. 13 months after graduation; she started her activities as a solo act.

So far, she has released two cover albums (DNA1980 volumes 1 and 2) and two original full-length albums. 2014’s Eien to Shunkan and this year’s I-POP.

Most of the up-tempo songs on this album fit somewhere in the world of Electro Pop.  Since these songs are highly pop rather than club-influenced, I would say that the Electro Musume era of Morning Musume ’14 might be a fair comparison regarding sound.

The only single released from I-POP so far is Parallel World. Give that a listen and see if you agree with the assessment above.

Other songs sound more like the typical ear candy that is well-produced idol pop music. Mira Creation and Mirai e no Sign are fine examples. Oddly there is only one slower track on I-POP (Kaze no Shippo), but it is quite a nice piano-driven piece that breaks from all the genki idol material.

Overall, I-POP is an enjoyable listen, and if you’re willing to give it a chance, it should make a great addition to your idol pop collection.

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