AOA – Miniskirt Review

AOA Miniskirt Cover

Release Date: January 16, 2014

Track Listing

  1. Gonna Get Your Heart
  2. Miniskirt
  3. Under The Street Lamps
  4. Miniskirt (Instrumental)


AOA (Ace of Angels) is a South Korean girl group/band produced by FNC Entertainment. Miniskirt is their 5th single and comes in physical CD and digital download formats.

This group has a strange concept, and it can be a little confusing for newcomers. Are they a band? Are they a girl group? How many members are there? What the hell is going on? Well, for this single, I guess they are a girl group. Reliable K-Pop hit maker Brave Brothers, Elephant Kingdom, and Cha Kun produced Miniskirt, providing AOA with a catchy Urban Pop track.

Miniskirt certainly has a lot of swagger and is an attention grabber. The song relies a lot on a musical bed driven by rhodes chords, with the group providing vocal trade-offs and tight harmonies on top. The video brings the sexy to complete the package.

The b-side Under the Street Lamps is a straight-up R&B song that is more typical of the type of material that similar girl groups have been releasing lately. It is a nice compliment to the a-side with its smoother groove.

While this single may not be tops amongst their short discography, it’s not a complete wash either. It has merits and is worth giving a shot if you’re looking for some decent K-Pop.

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