Ga-In – Truth Or Dare Review

GAIN Truth Or Dare Cover

Release Date: February 6, 2014

Track Listing

  1. Truth Or Dare
  2. FxxK U feat. Bumkey
  3. Q&A feat. Jo Kwon from 2 AM
  4. Black & White
  5. Expose
  6. Tempo (Instrumental) – Physical Copy Only


Regarding solo material, one of the busier members of the Brown Eyed Girls returns with her third mini-album, Truth or Dare. This time around, she comes swinging with some Urban Pop material.

This is most evident by the lead track FxxK You, which is not a cover of the Cee-Lo hit of the same name. It does, however, have a similar kind of slick, crotch-chopping, bugger-off type of feel to it.

Hearing the f-bomb never sounded so sexy.

The other song worth noting is the funky Truth or Dare, which may or may not have a bit of a Blurred Lines type of groove to it. That depends on whether you’re sick of that song or not.

I thought the track was perfectly fine, and I don’t particularly care if it ripped off the Robin Thicke song (that supposedly ripped off a Marvin Gaye song). For me, it’s neither here nor there. The best part of this song was the short drop into a Brown Eyed Girls classic during the second verse. I won’t spoil it for you, but it was a nice touch.

So what about the rest of this EP? I wouldn’t call the album cuts filler, and they all manage to keep the high generated from the first two tracks going. What you get from them will depend on your mood and/or taste while listening.

Truth or Dare is another great addition to the growing catalogue of Brown Eyed Girls solo projects. Whether the members are together or apart, they certainly deliver every time.

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