Ayami Muto – Eien to Shunkan Review

Ayami Muto Eien to Shunkan RE

Release Date: April 23, 2014

Track Listing

  1. Sora (Sky)
  2. Jikan to iu Wonderland (Wonderland of Time)
  3. Irodori no Natsu (Colorful Summer)
  4. Sakura Romance
  5. Toumei Shoujo (Transparent Girl)
  6. A.Y.M.
  7. Megami no Suggestion (The Goddess’ Suggestion)
  8. Eien to Shunkan (Eternity and the Moment)


Eien to Shunkan is Ayami Muto’s major label debut album. Released in the spring of 2014 it showcases her first original solo material. The lead song from Eien to Shunkan was Sora.

Compared to her second album I-POP there is a distinct difference between what she did when she debuted and what she is doing now. Eien to Shunkan overall is a more traditional idol pop album featuring many more fluffy, easy to digest pop songs.

That is not to say that this album is generic idol crap. That would be a disservice, but if you were one who was introduced to her late in the game (like me) then perhaps it might be a little jarring to hear her early material.

Still, as a whole the album is quite fun and it can be argued that it’s a much better listen than her second album I-POP. Of course it’s subjective, personally I found Eien to Shunkan to be the more cohesive of the 2 full-lengths she has released so far.

As for what you should probably listen to if you’re in a time crunch? Start with Megami no Suggestion. It’s the catchiest and most idol-like song (if that is your #1 priority) on the album. A follow up would most likely go to Irodori no Natsu which has a hook that kind of sounds almost ABBA-esque.

The last suggestion would be to go with the only slow song on the album, Toumei Shoujo. Much like Kaze no Shippo on I-POP, the song is an acoustic piano and string driven ballad. So if that floats your boat, you’ll be in for a treat.

And similar to our last review of Ayami Muto’s material, this is another recommended pick up for your idol/J-Pop collection.

Eien to Shunkan (Seventeen Edition)


Eien to Shunkan (Eien Edition)


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