dolls – Rock ‘n’ doll Review

dolls Rock n doll cover

Release Date: June 17, 2015

Track Listing

  1. The Best Years of Our Lives
  2. Usotsuki SOMEDAY
  3. Just My Life
  4. Harezora Hallelujah Koigokoro
  5. To Be With You
  6. Kurt


3 years ago I did a review of a 3-piece rock band in the mold of SCANDAL called dolls. At the time they were middle school age with what can be described a rough derivative sound of their musical influences. At the time I called them SCANDAL-lite.

Fast forward to modern times and my how things have changed for this group. They are signed to Universal Music Japan and have matured not only into some fine looking young women but also musically.

Sure there’s still a tiny bit of that SCANDAL-like sound in their songs but perhaps that can’t be helped.

Yet, what songs are contained on Rock ‘n’ doll are light years ahead of what I reviewed back in 2012. The lead single The Best Years of Our Lives is a great example of how much this group has evolved into a finely tuned band who are making an identity for themselves away from their musical influences.

You can also look at Harezora Hallelujah Koigokoro as well with its combination of light Japanese traditional sounds, the Middle Eastern sounding guitar riffs and up-tempo stadium rocking type of music.

Included on this album is a cover of Mr. Big’s To Be With You. An early 1990’s hit that was a catchy sing-a-long type of ballad. In the hands of dolls it’s cranked up to a high-energy song. Surprisingly the song is sung entirely in English and don’t worry, it’s completely decipherable if you’re one who has a hard time understanding Japanese accented English.

Much like their self-titled indie release this album isn’t exactly easily available. Well, perhaps that’s incorrect to say. It’s not available where a foreign fan would most likely look like YesAsia or CD Japan. Nope , you have to go to Amazon Japan or Tower Records Japan to get this album. And it’s very much worth it if you are one who has an affinity for female bands or rock music with a bit of a pop twist.

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