Ayumi Hamasaki releases new single BYE-BYE on the 26th anniversary of her debut

Ayumi Hamasaki Bye Bye Cover

As she celebrates the 26th anniversary of her debut, Japanese pop superstar Ayumi Hamasaki has released the brand new single BYE-BYE. BYE-BYE was written for the NHK series Minna no Uta, broadcast in April and May.

As you’d expect from Hamasaki, the song’s immersive lyrics are dark and deep, generating tons of attention among her fans. Along with the release of ‘BYE-BYE,’ a music video was also released on Hamasaki’s official YouTube channel. In a classroom in an abandoned school, Hamasaki and 23 dancers perform intense choreography, especially during the chorus—and all of them, including Hamasaki, are dressed in school uniforms.

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As soon as this explosive video was released on April 8, social media lit up with fan comments, such as “ayu looks so cute in uniform!”, “I have to learn the choreography!” and “This song is the perfect start to her 26th anniversary!” 26 years have passed since the release of Ayumi Hamasaki’s debut single, ‘Poker Face,’ on April 8, 1998. As she enters her 27th year, ayu continues to evolve.

About Ayumi Hamasaki

Ayumi Hamasaki 25th Anniversary Photo

Ayumi Hamasaki debuted on April 8, 1998, with her single ‘Poker Face’ release. Her first album, ‘A Song for ××,’ was released on January 1, 1999, becoming a million-seller.

She received the Japan Record Award in 2001, 2002, and 2003—an unprecedented three-year streak. She made history as Japan’s first solo artist and the third group to sell over 50 million singles and albums.
The worldview depicted in her self-written lyrics and expressed by her incredible singing voice pierce the hearts of all who listen.

At the same time, her fashion sense and uncompromising approach to life have struck a chord with women across generations.

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