EXILE TRIBE group THE RAMPAGE release CyberHelix

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Japanese boyband THE RAMPAGE released the new song ‘CyberHelix’ on April 5. It is the theme song for their upcoming tour, THE RAMPAGE LIVE TOUR 2024 CyberHelix RX-16. CyberHelix combines sophisticated, tough techno and UK drill sounds. The track is filled with the passion and ambition of the group’s 16 members, who constantly iterate on their creative DNA as they reach for ever higher goals.

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The music video was created with the concept of “heartbeat.” In 2024, technological advancements will allow us to connect daily easily, but we have sacrificed the time we spend together in the same place, “sharing the same heartbeat.”

While such change is unavoidable, THE RAMPAGE expresses their determination to use the resonating “heartbeat” of song and dance to connect time and space, creating a new normal where technology and humanity are more closely harmonized – and where we can finally return to sharing our heartbeats with our loved ones.

NOPPO choreographed the group’s highly complex dance performance in the video from the dance troupe s**t kingz, and performed on a futuristic set with eye-catching CG production reminiscent of a heartbeat.

THE RAMPAGE takes this expression of evolution to an all-new level. For the first time, the group splits into three teams for a series of interlinked performances before regrouping for a detailed dance routine by all 16 members.


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The 16 members of the dance and vocal group THE RAMPAGE are performers selected through three top-level auditions:

2014’s EXILE PERFORMER BATTLE AUDITION, where new members of EXILE were selected; VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 4, a contest for young performers who dream of becoming vocalists; and GLOBAL JAPAN CHALLENGE, an audition for young elites with their sights set on the global stage.

THE RAMPAGE are beloved for their hip-hop-flavoured performances, during which they dance on stage wildly—just as their name suggests. After two rounds of rigorous training, the group made their major-label debut on January 25, 2017, with their first single, Lightning.

In December 2017, less than a year after their debut, the group embarked on their first hall tour in Japan, titled THE RAMPAGE LIVE TOUR 2017-2018, “GO ON THE RAMPAGE.” The tour attracted 120,000 attendees, with an impressive 58 performances across all of Japan’s 47 prefectures. In February 2019, they began a successful arena tour titled THE RAMPAGE LIVE TOUR 2019 “THROW YA FIST.” The tour included 28 performances in 13 cities, drawing 260,000 fans.

In July 2021, they performed solo shows at Tokyo Dome for the first time, with two days of performances. In May 2023, they began their fifth arena tour, THE RAMPAGE LIVE TOUR 2022 ’16’, followed in October the same year with THE RAMPAGE LIVE TOUR 2022 ’16’ NEXT ROUND – attended by a total of 280,000 fans, the group’s record for a single year.

THE RAMPAGE’s May 2023 hit single ’16BOOSTERZ’ became their first to exceed over 200,000 copies sold, and their August 2023 double A-side single ‘Summer Riot ~Nettaiya~’ / ‘Everest’ topped Japan’s Oricon Weekly Chart for the first time and sold over 250,000 copies.

This year, the group celebrated the seventh anniversary of their debut and simultaneously released two best-of albums, ’16SOUL’ and ’16PRAY’, cementing their position as one of Japan’s most popular dance and vocal groups today.

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