BABYMONSTER – Stuck In The Middle (Selective Hearing Remix)

BABYMONSTER Stuck In The Middle Cover

Release Date: February 1, 2024
Key: A Major
BPM: 120

BABYMONSTER is YG Entertainment’s newest girl group, which debuted in November 2023 with the song BATTER UP. The follow-up to that song is their first English language digital single called Stuck In The Middle, which serves as the pre-release to their upcoming EP.

Stuck In The Middle, in its original form, is a simple piano ballad that showcases the BABYMONSTER members’ vocal capabilities. In some ways, it’s much better than their debut song, which was pretty generic YG.

Songs like these leave many opportunities for remixers to put their spin on them. However, there is also the high possibility of losing the entire feeling of the song in the process. For example, Stuck In The Middle could be turned into a dance track in the right hands. But should it?

For my take on Stuck In The Middle, I decided not to mess with the song’s vibe too much and construct a minimal R&B instrumental around the vocal. What came to mind was something similar to the Suave House Remix of Brian McKnight’s Anytime.

With that said, everything in this remix is built to keep the focus on the vocals, with specific instruments coming in and out to fill the gaps when needed. I would have loved to go for something more grand, but that might have been overkill and beyond my current skill level.

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