Da-iCE celebrate 10th anniversary of major-label debut with first digital single A2Z

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Japanese boyband Da-iCE celebrated the 10th anniversary of their major-label debut with the release of the new song ‘A2Z’, their first-ever digital single. The song was written by Da-iCE member Sota Hanamura, with lyrics co-written by his bandmate Taiki Kudo. The lyrics are filled with wit, with memorable phrases throughout, making it a song to listen to closely.

The track is also the new opening theme song for Teikou Penguin, a YouTube anime channel with 1.43 million subscribers. Following the digital single release, the group also released an ‘Official Dance Practice’ video for ‘A2Z’ as a YouTube Premiere.

Da-iCE member Hayao Wada collaborated with KAZtheFIRE(Rht.) for the song’s choreography, following their previous work on ‘Naimononedari.’ The dance moves are based on hip-hop steps while expressing the letters of the alphabet about the song’s lyrics.

Release information

‘A2Z’ digital release, Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Tie-up: YouTube anime channel Teikou Penguin opening theme song

About Da-iCE

Da-Ice A2Z Promo

Da-iCE is a five-piece boyband with twin vocalists with an impressive four-octave singing range. The members are vocalists Yudai Ohno and Sota Hanamura and performers Taiki Kudo, Toru Iwaoka and Hayate Wada.

Released in November 2020, their song ‘CITRUS’ became the first song by a Japanese male dance and vocal group to surpass 100 million streams. It won an award at the prestigious 63rd Japan Record Awards in 2021. Their song ‘Star Mine,’ also featured on the album ‘SCENE’ released last year, has become a long-running hit, with over 600 million plays on TikTok.

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