BE:FIRST Unveil Music Video for New Single Masterplan

The Japanese seven-member dance and vocal ensemble BE:FIRST announced the release of their latest single, Masterplan.

The electrifying track Masterplan was first performed during BE: FIRST’s inaugural Tokyo Dome concert, BE:FIRST LIVE in DOME 2024 Mainstream—Masterplan.

Serving as a sequel to their earlier hits Boom Boom Back and Mainstream, the single features compelling Eastern rhythms crafted by producer Ryosuke “Dr.R” Sakai, the creator behind previous challenging numbers for BE:FIRST, such as Gifted, BF is…, and Mainstream.

This hip-hop anthem maintains the group’s unique musical trajectory, showcasing their impressive artistry and solidifying their signature sound.

The music video encapsulates the idea that BE: FIRST’s astronomical rise since their debut has been anything but coincidental, but instead part of a well-orchestrated “masterplan.” Paying homage to the group’s past works, the video references the success of their track Mainstream, which topped 116 different charts, and the significant achievement of their Tokyo Dome concert.

The result is a thoughtfully curated visual narrative, marking each milestone as a preconceived chapter in BE: FIRST’s journey.

The video’s concluding image of a massive cherry blossom tree aptly embodies the song’s spirit and the quintessential “Made in Japan” aesthetic characteristic of BE:FIRST. A grand cherry tree piercing through concrete symbolizes the band’s resilience. Seven sturdy branches represent each member, all adorned with flourishing cherry blossoms.

It’s a visual masterpiece that merges hip-hop with a distinctive Japanese essence, declaring an impassioned musical statement to offer the world.


Lyrics by SKY-HI
Music by Ryosuke “Dr.R” Sakai, Daisuke Nakamura, and SKY-HI
Produced by SKY-HI, Ryosuke “Dr.R” Sakai
Choreography by SOTA (BE:FIRST) and ReiNa
Total production by SKY-HI (BMSG)

BE:FIRST new single Masterplan.
Released April 24, 2024
Label: B-ME


EP tracklist:

  1. Masterplan
  3. Glorious/ 102nd All Japan High School Soccer Tournament support song
  4. Nova Flame ~One of the BE:ST-01 JUNON~

The EP includes three additional tracks:

  • Glorious, composed by MANATO and JUNON (BE:FIRST) to support the 102nd All Japan High School Soccer Tournament, featuring lyrics co-written by LEO (BE:FIRST)
  • Set Sail, the official collaboration with the ONE PIECE CARD GAME, co-written by SHUNTO and RYUHEI (BE:FIRST)
  • Nova Flame ~One of the BE:ST-01 JUNON~, which marks BE: FIRST’s first solo song release, with both music and lyrics co-written by JUNON (BE:FIRST)

Explore this powerful release from BE:FIRST, conveying their determined message to the global stage.

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BEFIRST Masterplan Promo

BE:FIRST is a seven-member dance and vocal group featuring SOTA, SHUNTO, MANATO, RYUHEI, JUNON, RYOKI and LEO, signed to a renowned Japanese rapper, SKY-HI’s management agency and label BMSG. Each member possesses unique singing, dancing, and rapping qualities and sensitivity, reflected in their songwriting and choreography.

Each owns an attractive individuality that marks them as unique. Under the name BE:FIRST, this seven-piece group has swept the No.1 spots on various charts in Japan since before their debut. They are taking their bold first steps toward Asia and the world.

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