Selective Hearing’s Monthly Recap – April 2024

Monthly Recap April Title Card


April was a relatively relaxing month after the hectic grind that was March. The extra openings of time allowed me to get a well-deserved breather and start re-focusing on enjoyable things.


There is nothing to mention besides that I posted my report on IVE’s SHOW WHAT I HAVE WORLD TOUR stop in New Jersey. Please read that if you wish.


aespa World Tour Movie Poster

Does attending the documentary screening about Aespa’s Synk Hyper Line World Tour count? If so, that’s about it for leaving the house to do something. I went to the April 24th show, and maybe 10 other people were in the theatre with me. Based on what I saw on the seat map for that night, I think the Saturday show had more people. But it definitely wasn’t a full house for either show, that’s for sure. Given the part of Canada where I live, it’s completely understandable.

I liked the overall film because it brought back fond memories. But the editing was a bit weird around the solo performances. It was obvious that the songs were completely out of order due to the costume changes.  But that’s being very nit-picky. This was also my first ScreenX viewing. I can’t say I felt more immersed in the film with the extra screens. Being there for the actual show in Brooklyn is hard to top.

Video Games

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Poster

I’m still playing Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth and have hit chapter 12. Many new quests have opened, and I’m debating whether to finish them all or get the story over with. Some of these new quests are pains in the ass to complete.

According to the timer on the pause screen, I’ve logged 130 hours of game time so far, so adding a few more hours to finish the quests wouldn’t hurt.



ILLIT is one of the girl groups of the moment in K-Pop, and their song Magnetic is doing well. I wasn’t going to touch this song, but I decided to give it a go after listening to it and getting inspired to do something.

The final result for my remix is a bit of freestyle dance music mixed with bass house and electro-pop.

Below are my favourites from April 2024.

Monthly Recap April Albums


  • Loosemble – One Of A Kind


ARTMS – Candy Crush

Batten Girls – Ureshii no

E.SO & ISHA – Dessert

Fyeqoodgurl – Now or Never


KISS OF LIFE – Midas Touch


WooAh – Blush

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