Bruno Mars, Anderson. Paak & Silk Sonic – Leave The Door Open (Selective Hearing Remix)

Silk Sonic Leave The Door Open Cover

Release Date: March 5, 2021
Key: C Major
BPM: 74

Leave The Door Open is a collaboration between Bruno Mars and Anderson. Paak. This 70s soul-inspired song is a call back to a different time in R&B and is one of those songs that will probably make a woman pregnant immaculate conception style upon hearing it.

Suffice it to say; it’s a great track for those who dig the old school style and want something to add to their babymaking soundtrack.

I have heard several styles of a remix of this track online. Some took to the track into the 80s, and others spiced it up by transforming it into a dance song. I did neither.

I believe in not messing with a good thing unless there’s a damn good reason to. It’s not necessary to turn everything into your preferred style for the sake of making things easier on yourself.

So rather than bastardize the song, I added a more contemporary R&B groove and kept the rest of it the same for the most part. The final result is an excellent middle ground that stays true to the original while adding enough to build a rhythm for those who want to do some horizontal dancing to follow.

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