NiziU – Take a Picture/Poppin’ Shakin’ Review

NiziU Take A Picture Regular Edition

Release Date: April 7, 2021

Track Listing

  1. Take a Picture
  2. Poppin’ Shakin’
  3. I AM
  4. Take a Picture (Instrumental)


Take a Picture/Poppin’ Shakin’ is the second single release from NiziU.

Poppin’ Shakin’ was initially released digitally on February 20 followed by Take a Picture on March 29. The full version of this single with the b-side I AM was released on April 7 on streaming platforms and CD.

All three songs on this single have been used in promotional campaigns. Take a Picture was used in an ad for Coca Cola, Poppin’ Shakin’ for Softbank’s “NiziU LAB,” and I AM for Kose’s “MAKE KEEP MIST EX.” They all follow the template of uptempo pop that has been NiziU’s calling card since their pre-debut.

Take a Picture is the song on this single that has lyrics written (but was not produced) by JYP**. It has strong Twice influences which seems to work to the song’s advantage as it gives listeners something instantly familiar to catch their attention.

Poppin’ Shakin’ could also be thought of as similar to a Twice song. In this case, it’s closer to one of their Japanese releases rather than a Korean one.

What a-side works for you will depend on what you are seeking in a pop song. Sonically, Take a Picture has a wider variety of sound choices that make it stand out. In that regard, it is the more adventurous of the two a-sides. On the other hand, it can also be taken as a rather generic-sounding Twice-lite b-side depending on your expectations for what a NiziU song should sound like.

Poppin’ Shakin’ is not as bold when it comes to the composition, but it has more of the qualities that appeal to someone who would only strictly listen to J-Pop. The hook, in particular, is infectious.

The third song on this single (I AM) falls in line with other NiziU b-sides. High energy? Check. Positive messaging? Check. Good enough to fill time at the end of the single? Check.

This offering from NiziU certainly differs from Step and a step, at least when it comes to the a-sides. There appears to be a shift over to a K-Pop/J-Pop hybrid this time around. That isn’t a bad thing as this is only their second single. Tinkering with their sound at this point of their career isn’t that big of a deal.

The final result is probably NiziU’s closest return to their pre-debut song’s glory. Take a Picture/Poppin’ Shakin’ can be considered their strongest release to date because of that.

**Correction made to make proper production credit


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