Chocolat – 2nd Single Album (Chocolat) Review

Chocolat 2nd Single Album Cover

Release Date: February 8, 2012

Track Listing

  1. Get Up
  2. One More Day
  3. Get Up (Instrumental)
  4. One More Day (Instrumental)


South Korean girl group Chocolat first hit the K-Pop scene in the fall of 2011 with their single Syndrome, which they quickly followed up in the winter of that same year with their first mini album, I Like It. Their second release of 2012 (after their single Same Thing To Her) is their second single album Chocolat. Since this group is still in their rookie year, one must wonder whether what’s on here is worth investing your time in.

With the explosion of look and sound-a-like girl groups, that’s a valid question. The one thing that this group has in their favour is that they are touted as the first mixed-race female group in South Korea. That has absolutely nothing to do with their actual musical output, but apparently, that’s one of the major selling points of this group for some strange reason.

What should matter (in an ideal world) is their musical output. For this round, Chocolat comes with some Hip-Pop/R&B crossover tracks that show that they’re more than just the typical K-Pop cannon fodder. The lead track, One More Day, is the strongest of the two songs. It showcases the group’s vocal abilities more than what was displayed in Get Up.

Overall this wasn’t a waste of time like many K-Pop singles. I wouldn’t mind if Chocolat were pushed more into Urban music. I think they could carve a decent niche for themselves within the genre. Just don’t make any of them rap again, please.

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