Miss A – Touch Review

Miss A Touch Cover

Release Date: February 22, 2012

Track Listing

  1. Touch
  2. Rock n’ Rule
  3. No Mercy
  4. Over U
  5. Touch (Newport Mix)


Miss A return to the K-Pop scene after the success of their first full-length album A Class. True to their current pattern of releases they drop a mini-album, this one being their third called Touch.

The songs on Touch dabble a little bit into the current hot trend of Dubstep and combine it with the dependable beats and melodies of modern K-Pop. In a way, what is presented here is similar to what JYP label mates the Wonder Girls attempted on their Wonder World album. The results are a bit better here.

Everything here is meant to be easily and quickly consumed, and the album goes by fast. Does it leave one wanting more? Sure, Miss A always come strong when it comes to their mini-albums. That’s the point, right? Come out swinging & see what hits. And for the most part, it works. The only sore spot on this EP is Rock N’ Rule, which, compared to the other songs on this album, is rather weak.

If you skip that song, the rest is great. I particularly enjoyed the title track and its remix. The original version had a nice, laid-back dance-pop vibe, while the remix provided a low-key approach, taking the song into the ballad-like territory.

Touch probably won’t win Miss A any new fans. I mean, if you haven’t hopped aboard their love train by this point, I highly doubt this will change your mind. Nor is anything particularly innovative here. But what is here is free of the normal Diddy/Tsunku producer getting all upon the song ad-libs and is otherwise some damn fine Pop music.

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