Concert Review: Perfume 6th Tour 2016 COSMIC EXPLORER at Hammerstein Ballroom

Watching Perfume is always a treat, especially given their prowess at single-handedly capturing audiences from around the world. It’s little wonder that they are one of the very best acts at selling shows overseas, especially given their ability to connect with people they don’t even share a common language with.


Credit: Universal Music Japan

Even though their penchant for their technologically advanced setups is well known, Perfume still managed to surprise through the use of drones and crafty light displays, especially during the opening of the concert.

Unlike their earlier world tours – which focused on many of their better known songs – this particular one centered around their latest album, and as such allowed them to use newer known tracks to a fantastic degree, incorporating in several tracks as well as all the MC portions audience interactions. My personal favorites were the ones incorporated into Next Stage with YOUBaby Face and FLASH, as well as their embrace of more idol-like cheer patterns for Polyrhythm and Chocolate Disco.


Next Stage with YOU (Credit: Universal Music Japan)

A particular treat are their absolutely fantastic MC portions, with Perfume managing to connect with the audience despite having to work through a translator for the first part, who was understandably overwhelmed and flustered as a result of being able to speak directly to his beloved trio. In spite of having to work through such a clunky translator, the audience (including myself) were still absolutely enamored by their charm and cuteness, even if some were not able to fully grasp the meaning of what they were saying.


That being said, it was apparent that this tour was considerably lower budget than their last visit in 2014. The stage set up was honestly much more geared towards being a touring construction, with very little props being used until Story, which was modified to become a visual experience as opposed to a single track. The number of outfits was also considerably pared down, and the stage video considerably decreased from their 2014 concerts.


While I still enjoyed myself considerably and found that others had the same experience, I couldn’t help but reminisce on just how amazing the 2014 tour was, even in comparison to much larger productions such as Cirque du Soleil‘s shows.




Here’s to hoping they come back at Madison Square Garden – hopefully bringing with them the legendary stage setups used in their Japanese shows.


  1. Navigate
  2. Cosmic Explorer
  3. Pick Me Up
  4. Cling Cling (Album Mix)
  5. Miracle Worker
  6. Next Stage with YOU
  7. Special Medley (Relax In The City / Toumei Ningen / Spending All My Time / Fushizen na Girl / Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow / Computer City / Imitation World / Sweet Refrain)
  8. Baby Face
  9. STORY
  10. FLASH
  11. Dream Fighter
  12. Fake It
  13. Polyrhythm
  14. Jenny wa Gokigen Naname (Juicy Fruits cover)
  15. Chocolate Disco (2012-Mix)


  • STAR TRAIN (Album Mix)


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