Dohzi-T – 4ever Review

Dohzi-T 4ever Album Cover

Release Date: December 16, 2009

Track Listing

  1. Omoi feat. YU-A
  2. First Song
  3. Ano Koro… feat. Chemistry
  4. Ano Hi… (Chemistry feat. Dohzi-T)
  5. Smile feat. Shota Shimizu
  6. Heaven feat. BENI
  7. Love Train feat. HI-D & Junpei Shina
  8. Rainy Days feat. HANAH
  9. Get Ready feat. Baby M & Mandoza
  10. WA RA BE
  11. On The Mic ~Ruler Tachi no Tawagoto~ feat.  K.I.N., Mummy-D & KOHEI JAPAN
  12. 4ever
  13. Time Capsule
  14. Fly High
  15. Owari Naki Tabi


Dohzi-T’s third album 4ever continues where his second (12 Love Stories) left off. For those not familiar with his music, his brand of Hip-Hop is on the smoother side thanks to a blend of R&B in his tracks and his style of rapping.

As with his previous album there are also many collaborations with various J-Urban artists including YU-A (formerly of Foxxi misQ), BENI and Chemistry. This makes the first half of the album relaxing listening more suited for an evening with your significant other chilling out rather than rolling down the street with your windows down & the volume cranked to 11.

This might make some of you who are accustomed to the ADD club bangers and nonsensical lyrical BS of modern Hip-Hop a little bored. Maybe even sleepy. But if you’re the kind who likes the more sensitive side of Hip-Hop like this will be the perfect fit for your listening needs. Tracks like Omoi, Ano Koro and Love Train are good choices for those who want to get a good idea of what Dohzi-T is best at.

Of course it’s not all about the lovey dovey songs. Dohzi-T is also capable of rocking some uptempo tracks exemplified by those on the latter half of the album such as Rainy Days, Get Ready and On The Mic ~Ruler Tachi no Tawgoto~ The most interesting of these batch of songs is WA RA BE which has a bit of an 80’s Electro Hip-Hop vibe to it. So if you’re looking for a banging track to test out your sound system this might be one to consider.

This is an album full of great Hip-Hop. It probably won’t appeal the lowest common denominator of fan or those who demand auto-tune and banging beats but that’s okay. Those willing to give that up for something with a bit more substance will be pleased with what’s on here.

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