Gummy – Loveless (Japanese Version) Review

Gummy Loveless Japanese Version Cover

Release Date: November 9, 2011

Track Listing

  1. Aishite ne
  2. Love Recipe
  3. Gomen ne feat. T.O.P. (BIG BANG)
  4. Love Is A Lie
  5. Wasurete Hoshii
  6. Kirei  na Anata


Gummy (real name Park Ji Yeon) is a member of the YG family, and Loveless is her first Japanese mini-album. Similar to other K-Pop artists who cross over, this album contains covers of her Korean songs, including Kirei na Anata, which is the Japanese version of her theme song to the drama A Moment to Remember; and a cover of I’m Sorry (renamed Gomen ne) featuring label mate T.O.P. from Big Bang.

Unlike most of the YG roster, Gummy’s songs are softer, and she is primarily known as a ballad singer. That might turn off a lot of you right there, but she’s got a nice voice suited for those kinds of songs. It’s not like the entire album is chest-thumping, over-the-top balladry.

There’s a nice mix of mid-tempo songs to keep things interesting. K-Pop fans can probably figure out which songs are recycled material fairly quickly. But if you’re new to her (like me), you probably won’t be able to tell the difference anyway. I found a lot of songs to be some relaxing and chilled-out stuff. It’s nice not to be bombarded with Electro Pop beats for a little while.

I found Love Recipe and Gomen ne to be the most appealing songs but to be honest, there isn’t a bad track on this mini-album. That’s saying a lot, considering that ballad singers can sometimes whip out some real sleep-inducing stuff.


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