Dreamcatcher – Summer Holiday Review

Dreamcatcher Summer Holiday Cover

Release Date: July 30, 2021

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. BEcause
  3. Airplane
  4. Whistle
  5. Alldaylong
  6. A Heart of Sunflower


Dreamcatcher’s second release of 2021 is a special mini-album titled Summer Holiday. The lead single from this album is another catchy gothic pop-rock song called BEcause produced by long-time collaborators Ollounder & LEEZ.

BEcause does not differ from much of Dreamcatcher’s recent releases, so there should be no big surprises when you hear it. They have consistently released some of the more unique pieces of music among current K-Pop girl groups, so they are keeping up with their high standard of music with BEcause.

However, its music video is of more interest since it is inspired by the movie “Us.” If you have seen that film, you might be able to interpret the video differently than those who have not. Either way, it’s a trip.

The remainder of Summer Holiday is a complete 180 from BEcause and is more in line with the feeling of the album’s title. While none of these songs would fit the traditional “Summer Queen” kind of anthem, they are brighter than the typical Dreamcatcher song.

The album cuts that stand out the most are Whistle and Alldaylong. Whistle is probably more familiar territory for Dreamcatcher as they have had other b-sides on past albums that have followed the dance-pop music formula. However, despite sounding like something for the dancefloor, it retains a chill vibe by not going overboard with the production.

Alldaylong presents Dreamcatcher in a city pop setting. Yes, you read that right, city pop. That particular sub-genre of pop music fits Dreamcatcher quite well, surprisingly. The group shows their sultry and sexy side through this song. Which is a rarity since their transformation from MINX to what they are now.

Summer Holiday (except the a-side) is an excellent musical detour for Dreamcatcher that brings them back to their girl pop roots at specific points. However, this will probably not be a permanent shift in sound. (why break what’s working?) So instead, summer Holiday feels like a demonstration that Dreamcatcher is perfectly capable of whipping out some pure pop gems as well as the harder rocking stuff.

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