TWICE – Eyes Wide Open Review


Release Date: October 26, 2020

Track Listing

  1. I Can’t Stop Me
  2. Hell in Heaven
  3. Up No More
  4. Do What We Like
  5. Bring It Back
  6. Believer
  7. Queen
  8. Go Hard
  9. Shot Clock
  10. Handle It
  11. Depend On You
  12. Say Something
  13. Behind The Mask


TWICE is a group known for catchy and bubbly pop songs. Starting from their eighth mini-album Feel Special, there was a subtle shift from bubblegum pop to something more mature sounding rooted in the world of dance music.

This change became more pronounced on their ninth mini-album MORE & MORE but not as much as one would think.

On their second full-length album, their switchover can be considered complete. The lead single I Can’t Stop Me is dripping in 1980s and 1990s retro and is a fair indicator of what to expect from the remainder of the album.

The three tracks that follow are Hell In Heaven, Up No More, and Do What We Like. They keep the album opener’s overall feeling going while exploring several different dance music genres.

Up No More is the closest in musical style to I Can’t Stop Me, and it should be considered to be a natural follow up to that song if you are looking for something consistent in your listening experience.

If you want to hear TWICE tackle something with a bit of an edge, then give Bring It Back, Go Hard or Shot Clock a listen. These sound like a continuation of the type of music from tracks such as Make Me Go and Don’t Call Me Again from their MORE & MORE mini-album.

There are no pure ballads on Eyes Wide Open which might disappoint some. That does not mean TWICE does not have moments to slow things down a bit on this album. Believer, Handle It, and Say Something are songs that fit that particular billing quite well in the absence of actual ballads.

When taken in completely Eyes Wide Open shows another side of TWICE. It is evident starting from their styling and music that this is different from what they have done before.

While some may miss the innocent, girlish fun of their previous works, listeners should not pass on this iteration of the group. You may be missing out on some great material if you do.


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