Fairies – Fairies Review

Fairies Faires Album Cover

Release Date: March 26, 2014

Track Listing

    1. Hikari no Hate ni
    2. White Angel
    3. More Kiss
    4. Song For You
    5. Beat Generation
    6. No More Distance
    7. HERO
    8. Sparkle
    9. Tweet Dream
    10. Sweet Jewel
    11. Run With U
    12. Poker Face feat. MOMOKA


Fairies’ self-titled debut album was released in March 2014. It comes in seven (yes, you read that right, seven) editions and features all of their singles (as of the release date of this album) and one new song, Poker Face.

That boils down to a compilation album if you’ve collected all their releases over the past 2 years. Nothing new here for you if you have been paying attention to this group since their debut. You can probably stop reading this if you are already on the Fairies gravy train.

For those who have not given this group a chance, be overjoyed that you don’t have to buy any of their singles to catch up. Just save yourself some yen and pick this up instead.

Expect to hear the typical AVEX-styled J-Pop and Urban crossover productions throughout. Unlike label mates Tokyo Girls Style, who have a singular focus, Fairies are all over the map regarding their sound. The result is a lack of cohesiveness with all their singles stringed together.

But you’re probably guaranteed to find one or two songs that appeal to your musical sensibilities.

So what about the only new song on this album? Well, it’s not a Lady Gaga cover, that’s for sure. It is a decent slice of dance-pop that probably serves more as filler than the rest of the material before.

In the end, Faires’ debut album can most likely be seen as a lazy effort to cash in on previously released material. Then again, if you think about it, most idol group albums tend to be like that, so it’s a moot point, isn’t it?

As stated earlier, there’s no need to get this if you’re a long-time group follower. Otherwise, pick it up at your discretion.

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