Release Date: August 14, 2013

Track Listing

  1. Roman wa Ichinichi ni Sitenarazu (Album Ver.) feat. Rino Latina II & Mummy-D
  2. Real Style feat. Kawabata Kananme & Maccho
  3. Don’t Stop The Killer Tune feat. Aisha
  4. Gimme 5 feat. Tarantula (Spontania) & Arkitec
  5. Bright Light feat. RHYMEBERRY
  6. Prod Of My Dream feat. Matsumoto Ryoko
  7. First Love Story feat. Ellie
  8. Holiday feat. Miura Daichi
  9. Wanna Be Stronger feat. Salu
  10. Raindrops feat. Maynard Plant (Monkey Majik /Blanc)
  11. Would You Marry Me? Feat. Uematsu Yousuke
  12. Ano hi no Sayonara feat. Washio Reina


The follow up to 2009’s trifecta Soundtracks 2, Rahze and Music Castle finds DJ Deckstream firmly back within the world of Hip-Hop collaborations, with several prominent artists within the genre featured on each track.

DECKSTREAM.JP continues to follow the path set by his previous Urban oriented albums providing gimmick free beats for the contributing artists to do their thing over.

The album appears to be split in half with the more pure Hip-Hop tracks up front and then the R&B crossovers closing things out. Thankfully the pacing of the album is such that you are gently transitioned to the smoother side.

Standout tracks include Gimme 5, Bright Light, First Love Story, Raindrops and Ano hi no Sayonara.

Idol fans may gravitate straight to Bright Light since it features RHYMEBERRY. The song is great although the English monologue at the beginning is somewhat incomprehensible for those who don’t understand things filtered through a thick Japanese accent. Just a warning.

Regardless, Bright Light has an old school party vibe with some Jazzy influences that should please many a discerning Hip-Hop head and RHYMEBERRY fan.

Another track to immediately give your attention to is the collaboration with Maynard Plant from Monkey Majik (Raindrops). It’s definitely one of the more fluid pairings that combines the best of both worlds of producer and collaborating artist.

Or you can just listen to the entire thing. Much like his previous albums, every track is worth your listening consideration. What you go for is going to depend on your mood or personal taste. Whatever the case may be, you’re in for a fine Hip-Hop listening experience if you decide to give this album a go.

DECKSTREAM.JP (Regular Edition)


DECKSTREAM.JP (Limited Edition)




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