Fairies – Koi no Roadshow Review

Fairies Koi no Roadshow

Release Date: July 5, 2017

Track Listing


  1. Koi no Roadshow
  2. Turning Point
  3. Koi no Roadshow (Instrumental)
  4. Turning Point (Instrumental)


  1. Koi no Roadshow
  2. Turning Point


Koi no Roadshow is the 15th single release from Fairies and it is similar in musical style to releases since 2016’s Crossroad. The a-side is probably not as a big of a leap forward for this group as one would expect after their shift to a less idol-like sound and image. Even if it is less than an evolutionary step forward Koi no Roadshow by itself is a rather catchy piece of dance pop that does merit a few spins either out of curiosity or as a quick fix for your J-Pop itch.

The b-side Turning Point is actually the better song on this single package. Unlike the a-side this sounds much more like Fairies’ mid-tempo idol like material and it may generate the attention of those who have a fondness for that type of music from Fairies.

Overall this isn’t exactly anything ground breaking for Fairies and is pretty average at best. If you are one who has been following the group for a while then you should probably buy this. Otherwise, wait to see what they come up with for their next single.

Koi no Roadshow (CD)

Koi no Roadshow (CD+DVD)

Koi no Roadshow (Ito Momoka ver.)

Koi no Roadshow (Shimomura Miki ver.)

Koi no Roadshow (Hayashida Mahiro ver.)

Koi no Roadshow (Nomoto Sora ver.)

Koi no Roadshow (Inoue Rikako ver.)

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