Tokyo Girls’ Style – Water Lily ~Suiren~ Review

Tokyo Girls Style Water Lily

Release Date: July 5, 2017

Track Listing

  1. water lily ~Suiren~
  2. illusion
  3. water lily ~Suiren~ (Instrumental)
  4. illusion (Instrumental)


water lily ~Suiren~ is Tokyo Girls’ Style’s 23rd single release. Much like their previous three singles they continue to move further and further away from their idol roots and into mainstream pop territory.

For this single they once again take a dip into EDM opting for a chilled out, mid-tempo song with a few of the typical bells and whistles of the genre spattered throughout the instrumental.

This song is much more of an American/European type of pop song than a Japanese pop song and it feels like it completes their move into a completely different style of music that will serve them well as they start their journey into their 20’s as artists rather than idols.

Attentive listeners will notice that there is a strong similarity to predawn here. This song is a little moodier in tone and feeling in comparison so it’s not exactly the same. If you liked predawn then water lily ~Surien~ will probably be something that you will add to your playlist.

For those who want a little bit of a throwback to the Tokyo Girls’ Style days of yore the b-side illusion is geared more towards your nostalgic tastes. It has that up-tempo funk groove that they were once known for with a healthy dose of auto-tuned vocals on top.

So far this move into current contemporary pop music is working for Tokyo Girls’ Style. However, they might start falling into the trap of re-working the same type of song over an over again given the slight similarities I mentioned earlier. Hopefully their next release changes things up a bit while still pushing their new musical agenda.

water lily ~Suiren~ (CD)

water lily ~Suiren~ (CD+DVD)

water lily ~Suiren~

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