February 2023 House Mix

Homer Simpson Praise Jebus

The first mix of 2023 features tracks from DJ Rae, Danism & Train, Lornie, Prefix One, Darren Studholme, Tony Momrelle and Kelvin Sylvester & Brutha Basil.

G’s House Sessions February 2023
Running Time: 01:01:05

Track Listing

  1. DJ Rae, Danism & Train feat. DTR Project – Best Days (Extended Mix)
  2. Cafe 432 feat. Ms Swaby – Where Lovers Meet (Extended Club Mix)
  3. Lornie – Can’t Sleep (Original Mix)
  4. Babs Presents & Lornie – A Little Bit Of You (Original Mix)
  5. Prefix One feat. Jaelee Small – Fools Paradise (Disco Mix)
  6. Darren Studholme – Make It Alright (Deep Groove Club Mix)
  7. Prefix One feat. Lifford – I Don’t Really Care (Classic Killer Biscuit Mix)
  8. Tony Momrelle feat. Chantae Cann – Back Together Again (Richard Earnshaw Vocal Mix)
  9. Sattam & Lee Wilson – Remember To Love (Extended Mix)
  10. Kelvin Sylvester & Brutha Basil starring Lee Wilson – Listen 2022 (Soulful Vocal Mix)



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