Canadian-Japanese hybrid rock band MONKEY MAJIK release 13th album ‘curtain call’

Canadian-Japanese hybrid rock band MONKEY MAJIK release 13th album ‘curtain call.’


Japan-based four-piece rock band MONKEY MAJIK released their 13th full-length studio album ‘curtain call’ on January 25, 2023. The album explores new musical possibilities for the future of MONKEY MAJIK, with 14 songs covering a wide variety of music styles – offering a chance to experience a whole new side to this veteran band as they enter the 23rd year since their formation.

With their mix of Japanese and English lyrics and their splicing of rap and pop, this is an album that only MONKEY MAJIK could make. Look out for the standout track ‘This Is The Night (MONKEY MAJIK × GAGLE)’ (track 6 on the album), a collaboration with the hip-hop unit GAGLE that embodies MONKEY MAJIK’s borderless style. Meanwhile, the cover artwork expresses the album’s musical breadth, based on the concept of “infinite change.”



MONKEY MAJIK is a four-piece hybrid rock band based in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, comprising Canadian brothers Maynard (vocals and guitar) and Blaise (vocals and guitar) and Japanese rhythm section TAX (drums) and DICK (bass).

The band released their first single, ‘fly,’ in 2006. Since then, they have created countless songs for commercials and theme songs for movies and TV shows, as well as collaborating with and composing songs for other artists.

Following the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan’s Tohoku region, MONKEY MAJIK was appointed Tourism and Goodwill Ambassadors of Tohoku, hosting the earthquake reconstruction support project ‘SEND Ai’ the same year and holding fundraising concerts and auctions as part of their continuing activities to aid rebuilding in Japan’s Tohoku region.

In 2020, they celebrated the 20th anniversary of their formation and released the best-of album ‘MONKEY MAJIK BEST -KACHO FUGETSU-’ in January 2021. In January 2023, they released their 13th original album, ‘curtain call,’ and plan to hold a tour of Japan in February titled MONKEY MAJIK LIVE TOUR 2023 ~ THE HITS ~.

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