FEMM Drop New Video, Announce Japan Expo Appearance

FEMM Drop New Video, Announce Japan Expo Appearance and Reveal That A Master of Laser Tech Will Join Them for the London Performances


New Tokyo’s electronic pop duo FEMM has released another technologically impressive music video ahead of their E.U. and U.K. tour this July.

The pair also announced that laser artists YAMACHANG, responsible for the music video’s remarkable visuals, will join the sentient mannequins for the London performances at Boston Music Room and Hyper Japan.

In addition, FEMM will add a further date to the tour with an appearance at the Japan Expo in Paris, the largest celebration of Japanese pop culture outside of Japan.


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The brand-new video ‘Falling For A Lullaby’ has just been released. The song is produced by Jenna Andrews, the songwriter responsible for the k-pop mega-hit “Butter” by BTS. Featuring a pounding, cyberpunk synth bassline and super-sweet pop vocals, it has become one of FEMM’s most defining tracks and is one of the duo’s most streamed songs.

Vice, Noisey and DAZED have highlighted previous FEMM music videos for their choreography and technological achievements. However, ‘Falling For A Lullaby’ pushes FEMM’s live performance limits further by featuring the work of Japan’s premier name in laser art YAMACHANG, who will join FEMM on their E.U. & U.K. Tour, alongside long-time FEMM collaborator BRDG and AVC, all working in real-time.

FEMM’s RiRi and LuLa are encapsulated in structures of light as lasers track, and project spirals on the duo and beams of luminosity fill the stage. Meanwhile, the background is filled with LED screens displaying white noise, all coming together to visually represent repressed emotions that wriggle within a heart on a summer’s night. FEMM may first appear as a pop group, but this video again shows their unsettling edge.

‘Falling for a Lullaby’ was initially released in 2017 as a B-side on FEMM’s double A-side single My Revolution / Konyaha Boogie Back, which featured members from EDM group FAKY as well as Yup’in.

However, the track has been remastered and features on FEMM’s third album Tokyo Ex Machina, released on CD for the first time this summer from JPU Records. Hear it live for the first time in Europe and the U.K. this month as part of FEMM’s 2022 E.U. & U.K. Tour.

FEMM will also add a further date to the E.U. & U.K. tour with an appearance at Japan Expo in Paris on July 16 at the event’s YUZU stage. RiRi and LuLa will hit the stage at 12:30 pm and will be signing autographs at the Amazing Stars 3 area from 4:15 – 5:15 pm on the same day.

About FEMM

Rap duo RiRi and LuLa are two mannequins with a will of their own. Their signature song, “Fxxk Boyz Get Money,” was a girl’s anthem with a poignant message that was supported by American teens and quickly spread to Europe, South America, and Asia by agents (the name of FEMM’s fans), including global influencers.

As a result, their debut album “Femm-Isation” made it to the “Top 10” of the U.S. Billboard chart “World Albums.” In the U.K., they were selected as one of the “6 Acts To Watch in 2016” by the Huffington Post and as the “Best Indies Album” by all HMV stores, opening up a new decade in the female rap scene both at home and abroad.

They are also well versed in internet culture and were one of the first to start the revival that is now sweeping the world, releasing the Vapor Wave interpretation of “’80s-’90s J-Pop Revival”. In 2020 they released “404 Not Found”, a six-song E.P. with the message of “a brand new sound that doesn’t exist anywhere else (yet).” This led to an “upgrade” and launched a new era for the iconic duo as FEMM 2.0.

Their most recent album Tokyo Girls Anthem was released in December 2021, packed with a wide variety of rap tracks in collaboration with globally active hip-hop producers such as Boys Noize and Star Boy. In addition, FEMM released their latest Tokyo Ex Machina album in January 2022. The artist’s aggressive musicality, linked not only to their agents but also to the dark world view and the global trend known as “Hyper Pop,” has garnered deep and sharp attention from domestic and international media.

Official Website:https://femms.jp/

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