Da-iCE’s Sota Hanamura and FAKY’s Lil’ Fang team up for anime series ‘Orient’ opening theme

Two Japanese “monster vocalists” collide. Da-iCE’s Sota Hanamura and FAKY’s Lil’ Fang team up for anime series ‘Orient’ opening theme

Break It Down-02

Da-iCE’s Sota Hanamura and FAKY’s Lil’ Fang have teamed up to release Break it down, their opening theme to the second season of the anime series ‘Orient’ and its Battle of Awaji Island story arc.

The second season of ‘Orient,’ which also began airing on July 11, is based on the manga series of the same name, created by ‘Magi’ writer and illustrator Shinobu Ohtaka. 150 years after demons suddenly appeared during Japan’s Warring States period, protagonists Musashi and Kojiro form the Band of Bushi to confront the demons in Hinomoto and follow their dreams in this battle-action anime series.

The opening theme is an unmissable collaboration between two of Japan’s “monster vocalists”: Sota Hanamura from Da-iCE, who has an incredible four-octave high-tone voice, and Lil’ Fang from FAKY, who sings with overwhelming power.

Excited music fans quickly flooded social media when the tag-team was announced, with comments such as, “This collaboration is more than I could have ever imagined!”, “This is too hot,” and “I can’t wait to hear those two sing together at full power.”

Hanamura’s group Da-iCE composed the music and lyrics to the theme song ‘Promise’ for the 50th-anniversary movie ‘Masked Rider: Beyond Generations and the opening theme ‘Break out’ for the first season of ‘Orient,’ while Lil’ Fang composed the music and lyrics to ‘It’s a small world’ for the 36th East Japan Women’s Ekiden tournament as well as the lyrics to ’99’ for the TV drama series ‘RIKA-rebirth-‘ and the movie ‘Rika: Self-proclaimed 28-Year-Old Pure Love Monster’.

Through such projects, both artists have earned great acclaim as performers and creative artists.

Hanamura composed the music for Break it down, and Hanamura and Lil’ Fang co-wrote the lyrics. This kinetic song has an intense band sound that carries the two singers as their high-tone voices reach all-new levels of power.

Furthermore, the lyrics echo the atmosphere of the ‘Orient’ anime perfectly, with lines like “Dreams that are laughed off as mistakes” and “Screaming beyond the boundaries of death” – red-hot lyrics that could only have been written by these two artists who love the series from the depths of their hearts.

In addition, the lyric video released at 8 pm JST on July 11 depicts the heroic figure of Musashi and his friends as they take on their most challenging battle ever. These visuals are combined with music and lyrics that will fill you with the courage to stand firm and face your fears, creating a powerful and inspiring video.

“Orient” Anime series is available from July 11 on the following platforms:

Break It Down-05

Break it down; a collaboration between Da-iCE’s Sota Hanamura and FAKY’s Lil’ Fang is available now on your favourite music download and streaming platform.

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