(G)I-DLE – I burn review


Release Date: January 11, 2021

Track Listing

  1. HANN (Alone in winter)
  2. HWAA
  3. MOON
  4. Where is love
  5. LOST


(G)I-DLE return with an early 2021 release entitled I burn. This 6-track EP is the fourth in the group’s “I” series and features HWAA as its lead single. The concept of this EP has to do with recovering and regaining one’s happiness after separation.

Gone are the moody and experimental songs that dominated their last EP. In are lighter pop-oriented material. That isn’t immediately apparent as the opener HANN (Alone in winter) and HWAA sound like they continue where I trust left off.

Looking at the EP as a whole, HWAA does feel like it belongs on I trust as it follows the type of sound on that EP more than the other songs on I burn. If you think of it as a transition from the last album, it makes more sense musically here.

Once you get past the first two songs, the album shifts into a different gear, with the tracks that involve Minnie (Moon, Dahlia) and Yuqi (Lost) as part of the composition and writing being of most interest.

These three songs are quite the revelation and show that while Soyeon still steers the ship, the other members are equally up to the task of adding some gems of their own into (G)I-DLE’s catalogue. Minnie’s tracks, in particular, leave a lasting impact after they are over. There is a unique quality to them that seems to hit all the right spots.

In the end I burn is another excellent release from (G)I-DLE. Much like their previous EP’s, it is consistent from top to bottom. The contributions from other members added in also show that they are only beginning to scratch the surface of their capabilities, which opens up some exciting possibilities for the future.

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