IZ*ONE – D-D-Dance Review


Release Date: Jan 26, 2021

Track Listing

  1. D-D-Dance


IZ*ONE’s first release of 2021 is not one of their fancy Korean concepts, nor is it one of their middle of the road collection of rejected Japanese 48/46 songs. Nope, their first release of 2021 is their first Korean digital single called D-D-Dance. The song is a promotional collaboration for NCSOFT’s global platform UNIVERSE.

IZ*ONE has an established formula for their Korean a-side songs that they rarely break away from except for something like Secret Story of The Swan. This usually involves high tempo dance workouts accompanied by a quick-cut style music video. D-D-Dance does very little to stray away from that formula in that respect.

What it does do is at least change up the musical template a little bit. Unlike IZ*ONE’s last single Panorama, D-D-Dance doesn’t have any callbacks to past single successes. Instead, it’s closer to a b-side/album cut in a similar lane like Highlight or Sequence. If that floats your boat, then you will most certainly like this song.

D-D-Dance begins what may be a busy few months for IZ*ONE as they embark on the tail end of their run as a group. It marks a solid start to what will hopefully be a plethora of releases to come.

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