Goo Hara – ALOHARA (Can You Feel It?) Review


Release Date: August 8, 2015

Track Listing

  1. What Do You think feat. Young Ji of KARA
  2. Choco Chip Cookies feat. Giriboy
  3. La La La feat. Matthew
  4. Hara Goo
  5. Rainy Day feat. Taebin
  6. Choco Chip Cookies (Inst.)


ALOHOARA (Can You Feel It?) is the debut mini-album from KARA member Hara and features the lead single, Choco Chip Cookies.

Back in 2012, KARA released their Solo Collection album that presented each group member at the time a chance to do their songs apart from the collective.

The one member who stood out for me was Hara; she had a bit of an old-school R&B vibe going on with her song Secret Love. I have been anticipating more from her ever since. And finally, we have her full go at a solo effort with ALOHARA (Can You Feel It?)

Being a mini-album, this is a fairly short listening experience and if it’s meant as a tease for more than mission accomplished. I’m just going to say it right now; this album is too damn short.

The material on ALOHARA is mostly the opposite of what Hara’s parent group releases. What you get here are R&B/Pop crossovers with many guest appearances. I didn’t recognize many names other than fellow KARA member Young Ji. So whether these are epic collaborations or DSP pushing some new artists on their roster with an established one is beyond me.

Whatever the case, it doesn’t affect the quality of the songs negatively.

For those too lazy to go through 5 songs (excluding the instrumental of Choco Chip Cookies) that amount to approximately 20 minutes, then give the lead single and La La La your attention first. You do get a wee bit of that Stylish… E HyOLee Hyori era feels from those two songs. And if you have no clue about Hyori, then you get the whole Ariana Grande Baby I type of feeling instead.

If those are detrimental to your listening tastes, you probably shouldn’t be listening to this album. Otherwise, give it a chance, regardless of whether you are a KARA fan or not.


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