Ayumi Hamasaki – sixxxxxx Review

Ayumi Hamsaki sixxxxxx Cover

Release Date: August 5, 2015

Track Listing

  1. Step by step
  2. Summer diary
  3. Sayonara feat. SpeXial
  4. Sorrows
  5. Shape of Love
  6. Sky high


sixxxxxx is Ayumi Hamasaki’s 6th overall mini-album release. It includes the theme song for the drama Bijo to Danshi (Step by step) and a collaboration with Taiwanese boy band SpeXial (Sayonara) produced by DAISHI DANCE.

The last time I visited a Hamasaki mini-album was way back when FIVE was released back in 2011. That album was heavy on the slower and moody songs. So what about this one?

Well this is much more like the powerhouse who once dominated the J-Pop landscape. Spearheaded by the lead single Step by step, there is a livelier feel to the album. Ayu’s loyal following will consider sixxxxxx business as usual, but causal listeners who have strayed from her flock over the years will most likely welcome the return to familiar territory.

Those who believe that Hamasaki has lost her touch may have to reconsider their stance after listening to sixxxxxx. Or at least admit that she hasn’t completely fallen off quite yet. Granted she probably won’t ever reach the heights from the peak of her career, or be as chameleon-like as her label mates; but she can still manage to remain competitive enough to stay in the game as exemplified by this album.

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