ILLIT – Super Real Me Review

ILLIT Magnetic Cover

Release Date: March 25, 2024

Track Listing

  1. My World
  2. Magnetic
  3. Midnight Fiction
  4. Lucky Girl Syndrome


ILLIT is a five-member girl group on the Belift Lab label. Their formation was through the JTBC idol survival show R U Next? Their original roster consisted of six members.

  • Moka
  • Yunah
  • Iroha
  • Minju
  • Youngseo
  • Wonhee

Youngseo terminated her contract with Belift Lab in January 2024, leaving the remaining five members of ILLIT to debut in March with their first mini-album, Super Real Me.

Super Real Me‘s title track is Magnetic. It is an incredibly catchy dance-pop number that outshines all the other songs on this EP. It’s not hard to understand why it caught on so quickly after hearing it. However, it isn’t a definite statement of the type of sound we should expect from ILLIT.

For example, Lucky Girl Syndrome falls into funky, modern pop territory and does not borrow musical cues from the title track. It’s not as impactful as Magnetic but showcases ILLIT’s sweet and playful side in a different manner.

The other full song (I exclude the intro-like My World) on Super Real Me, Midnight Fiction, differs from the songs it is sandwiched between. Even though it has an uptempo rhythm, the other instruments in the music give it a mellow, dream-like quality.

After listening to Super Real Me, seeing what works best for this group may take more releases and experimentation. This is more like a collection of different kinds of songs than an effort with an encompassing cohesive theme. Despite that small flaw, Super Real Me is a solid debut from ILLIT.

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