ITZY – IT’z ICY Review


Release Date: July 29, 2019

Track Listing

  1. ICY
  3. IT’z SUMMER
  4. DALLA DALLA (DallasK Remix)
  5. WANT IT? (Imad Royal Remix)


In January of 2019 JYP Entertainment debuted a new 5-member girl group named ITZY. In February they released the music video for their debut single DALLA DALLA shortly followed up by the single release It’z Different.

DALLA DALLA and its coupling song WANT IT? firmly established ITZY as a group with a distinct look and sound compared to other debuting girl groups. This difference allowed them to make a stronger impact compared to others within their generation of groups.

5 months after their debut ITZY return in time for the summer season with their first EP IT’z ICY.

The best way to describe the songs on this EP is that they are full of swag and confidence.

The opening track ICY starts things off with a funk combination of funk, pop and dance music. It builds on the formula of DALLA DALLA and goes above and beyond in refining the sound and delivering an enjoyable 3 minutes of ear candy.

Of the two B-sides CHERRY is the one that best matches the aesthetic that ITZY have been portraying so far. Similar to the lead track the song conveys a message of empowerment but in a slightly brasher manner. The grittier musical backdrop only emphasizes that attitude.

Tacked on to the end of this EP are remixes of the songs from It’z Different. The only one worth listening to is the remix of WANT IT? as it is the fresher take on the song taking it away from the Rock influences of the original and placing it clubbier, EDM territory instead.

Overall IT’z ICY gives a better look at the type of group ITZY is. It also shows that their future is pretty bright should they continue with these type of quality releases.

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