Praise Jebus

This month’s mix features tracks from Mousse T, Sy Sez, Steve Silk Hurley, Kings of Tomorrow and WillowMan.

G’s House Sessions May 2019
Running Time: 0:54:51

Track Listing

  1. Mousse T feat. Peven Everett – Pleasure
  2. Artone feat. Lina Nikol – Missin You (Main Vocal)
  3. Sy Sez feat. Cleveland Jones – With You (Extended Mix)
  4. Mike Millrain – I Can Show You (Original Mix)
  5. Steve Silk Hurley feat. Sharon Pass – The Word Is Love (Shane D Remix)
  6. Dolls Combers feat. James Lavonz – Cry For You (D.C. Element Extended Mix)
  7. Kings of Tomorrow feat. April Morgan – Fire (Sandy Rivera & Laroye’s Fire Funk Mix)
  8. Cool Million feat. Eugene Wilde – Back For More (Random Soul a.k.a. Yogi & Husky Mix)
  9. WillowMan – Special Love (Soulful Mix)
  10. N.W.N. – Won’t Give Up



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