IU feat. SUGA – Eight (Selective Hearing 2023 Remix)

IU Eight Cover

Release Date: May 6, 2020
Key: Db Major
BPM: 120

Eight is a 2020 digital single from IU. The song is produced by and features BTS member Suga. The song is described as nostalgic, with lyrics containing the confessions of a 28-year-old. The sound is a combination of EDM, Pop and Rock, with both IU and Suga’s vocals staying within the delicate and soothing lanes to match the vibe of the instrumental.

Eight is a song I remixed when it was first released three years ago. My first attempt was to pigeonhole it into an uplifting, club-style track. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out as well as I thought, and during my last clean-up of my projects and the Selective Hearing Youtube playlist, I took it offline.

This is my second attempt at remixing the song, and instead of trying to change it completely, I spiced it up a little bit. I wanted to retain a lot of the chill vibe of the original as much as possible while adding my spin to it. I believe I got it right this time.

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