Purple Kiss – Cabin Fever Review

Purple Kiss Cabin Fever Cover

Release Date: February 16, 2023

Track Listing

  1. Intro: Save Me
  2. Sweet Juice
  3. T4ke
  4. Autopilot
  5. Agit
  6. So Far So Good


Cabin Fever is Purple Kiss’ fifth mini-album. It features Sweet Juice as its title track. It is also the group’s first release as six members following Park Ji Eun’s exit in November 2022.

The title track Sweet Juice follows the m.o. of a Purple Kiss a-side. It’s a bit dark while being pop-friendly enough not to scare people away. This particular track digs deeper into the dark and mysterious vibe than their previous title tracks. The same can be said for the follow-up song T4ke, which follows a similar template.

So it’s up to personal preference to determine whether these tracks resonate with you.

Similar to previous Purple Kiss albums, things get more interesting when they veer into different styles of music. Autopilot, in particular, has the group dipping their toes into the waters of newtro. It’s a nice fit for the group and expands its musical repertoire.

The other b-side worth checking is the acoustic guitar-driven So Far So Good. Purple Kiss is always good for a sweet mid to low-tempo song, and So Far So Good is another excellent example of that.

Overall, Cabin Fever is par for the course for Purple Kiss. That may not sound like a great endorsement but don’t let that deter you from listening; it is a solid album.

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