Iyla – Juice (Selective Hearing 2023 Remix)

Iyla War + Raindrops Cover

Release Date: October 12, 2018
Key: C Major
BPM: 123

Juice is a single from Iyla’s 2018 debut EP War + Raindrops. The original version is a chill slice of R&B/Neo Soul.

Juice is a song that I ran into five years ago when I entered a remix contest for it. Of course, I was very inexperienced back then, so my feedback for the mix averaged around a high D overall. I got higher creative marks than I did for the technical aspects, which was respectable given my skill level at the time.

With many more projects completed and more experience gained from them, I have gone back to this song to see if I can improve on what I did before. While my original vision for the track had some good ideas, it felt incomplete. So, I took the parts I liked and fleshed out what I felt was missing from my first go at this track.

Like five years ago, I stayed in the dance music format. The 2018 remix was an attempt to put the song into a Soulful House vibe, and it worked to a degree. But as I mentioned above, it felt incomplete. The 2023 remix, on the other hand, is a more realized version of the song. When you compare the two versions, it’s day and night.

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