KALLITECHNIS – Chromatic Review


Release Date: January 18, 2019

Track Listing

  1. Sunset in Kalli
  2. Pink + Yellow
  3. Time
  4. Inta’s Intalude
  5. Diamond Baby


Cassandra Kouremenos (a.k.a. KALLITECHNIS) is a Canadian R&B singer-songwriter from Montreal. She was discovered through Soundcloud in 2015 by producer Rami Bizzle. A few months after she ended up working on Lou Phelps’ Average produced by fellow Montrealer Kaytranada.

Since that time she has released eight singles starting with 2016’s Talk talk talk. In fall of 2017 she released her first 3-track EP titled Wet Paint. Chromatic is the follow up to Wet Paint showcasing five tracks of slick production, sophisticated songwriting and vibrant vocals. This time around KALLITECHNIS dives deep into the world of Neo Soul picking up where the ending track on Wet Paint (Raining) left off.

Similar to her previous projects KALLITECHNIS collaborates with a group of international producers she connected with through social media. The album they have all crafted together can be summed in one word. Smooth. It is best to listen to Chromatic from beginning to end to understand why. Each track melts into the following one perfectly. The overall product is a very relaxing and pleasurable listening experience.

The only real downside to this album is that it is too short. Modern albums these days tend to wear out their welcome rather quickly making you wish they were shorter. It is the opposite in this case as you are left wanting more by the time Chromatic ends.

If that was the intention then good job. On the next album please provide more of this goodness.


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