Kep1er – DOUBLAST Review

Kep1er Doublast Cover

Release Date: June 20, 2022

Track Listing

  1. Up!
  2. LE VOYA9E
  3. Attention
  4. Good Night
  5. Rewind


Coming in hot off their participation in Queendom 2, Kep1er returned with their second release of 2022, a new mini-album titled DOUBLAST, full of new original songs.

If there were one crucial thing that could be taken away from Kep1er’s time on Queendom 2, it would be that their catalogue of original music is woefully low. So DOUBLAST, at the minimum, will help fill their discography out.

The concept art indicates that this could be a summer-themed album full of fun, fast-paced songs like the first three tracks on First Impact and their entry into the Queendom 2 Finale, The Girls (Can’t Turn Me Down).

DOUBLAST‘s lead single Up! indicates that may be the case. It’s a funky piece of pop that perfectly captures this rookie group’s youthful energy.

Unlike WA DA DA or MVSK, which had a girl crush feeling, Up! displays the playful side of Kep1er. This group aspect is further enhanced by the song’s somewhat cheesy but fun music video.

When you get to the remainder of the album, that’s where things change. Three of the four songs fall under the mid-tempo category. It’s an unexpected but pleasing twist to DOUBLAST.

From those songs, I gravitated most to the last two on the album, Good Night and Rewind. These are good examples that show Kep1er can comfortably perform something that isn’t a hyper dance track and still retain one’s attention.

The only other up-tempo song on DOUBLAST is Attention. It’s a deceptive slow-burner that builds up to the release of energy in the chorus quite nicely. It also matches the summer feeling of Up! in some ways. So when comparing the two tracks, I think Attention is the better song.

DOUBLAST is an excellent follow-up to First Impact. Even if it wasn’t the blast I expected, it was still a fun listen. 

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