Kep1er – LOVESTRUCK! Review


Release Date: April 10, 2023

Track Listing

  1. Giddy
  2. LVLY
  3. Back to the City
  4. Why
  5. Happy Ending


After a brief FLY-BY in Japan earlier in the year, Kep1er returned to Korea with their fourth EP, LOVESTRUCK!

The title track for LOVESTRUCK! is Giddy, a funky urban pop piece with the members of Kep1er dropping some catchy heat on the listeners.

The instrumental reminds me of current TWICE or VIVIZ. Adding further maturation to Kep1er’s sound is a good thing. They can’t be doing peppy pop songs and high-intensity dance workouts as a-sides all the time.

When it comes to the remainder of LOVESTRUCK! the songs that hover close to the vibe of Giddy tend to be the ones that stand out. So those would be Why and Happy Ending.

These songs take Kep1er into some mid-tempo R&B/Pop territory similar to Downtown and Dreams on Troubleshooter. It’s nice to hear them going down this avenue again, as this music style fits Kep1er incredibly well.

LOVESTRUCK! feels like a continuation of where Troubleshooter left off. The only weak spot I can point out is Back to the City. It does have the Newtro Synth Pop feel, but it also sounds out of place with all the other songs around it. If it were City Pop, it would be more in line with the other songs on this album.

Otherwise, LOVESTRUCK! is another solid outing from Kep1er.

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