MINMI – Hologram Review

MINMI Hologram Cover

Release Date: July 22, 2015

Track Listing

  1. Hologram
  2. Hologram –Kuromine Asahi ver.
  3. #Yacchaina feat. MaryJane


MINMI may be a name that is only familiar to a certain segment of listeners. She is best known for her song Shiki no Uta, which was the main ending theme for the Samurai Champloo anime. She also contributed the ending song for episode 12 of the series, Who’s Theme.

For others she’s a voice that is recognizable due to her collaboration with m-flo. If you know the song Lotta Love, she is the vocalist featured on the track.

Now that some of our memories are jogged let’s get to the song at hand. Hologram is MINMI’s 3rd digital single and 18th overall single release and was used as an insert song for the anime Jitsu wa Watashi wa.

MINMI’s songs normally have a very strong Jamaican music influence, but this time out she goes with the dance music route following the trend of EDM with only light traces of dancehall here and there. There are some effects on her vocal that makes her sound like robo-MINMI, but thankfully it’s used sparsely throughout the song. Otherwise it would have been extremely distracting.

The Kuromine Asahi version of the song takes it out of the club and slows it down to a chilled island rhythm driven by various acoustic instruments. It’s a stark contrast to the original version that beats you over the head with its pounding beats and gives one the time to absorb the lyrics in a timelier manner.

Which version you choose to go with will depend on your personal listening preferences and/or your mood. Both are worth checking out.

The b –side #Yacchaina is the song that a stronger representation of MINMI’s Jamaican music influences with its heavy bass and frantic beats that one would associate with an up tempo dancehall track. Much like the a-side this pounds you into submission and can be considered a good test for your subwoofers if you are so inclined to push them to their limit.

In the end this is a slight deviation from MINMI’s typical releases, but it’s also refreshing to hear her branch a little bit. Given that MINMI is an artist who is most likely not on everyone’s radar I would recommend this if you liked her collaboration with m-flo or are one who favors the type of vocal dance music presented here.

Hologram (Regular Edition)


Hologram (Limited Edition)


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