LE SSERAFIM – Perfect Night (Selective Hearing UKG Remix)

LE SSERAFIM Perfect Night Cover

Release Date: October 27, 2023
Key: D Minor
BPM: 136

Perfect Night is a collaboration single with Blizzard Entertainment’s popular video game Overwatch 2. It is also LE SSERAFIM’s first original English language digital single. The original version of Perfect Night has a chilled-out feeling. This is the opposite of the style of music LE SSERAFIM releases for singles in Korea. However, it’s also somewhat refreshing at the same time.

For my first take on this song, I decided to ramp up the energy a little by giving the song some UK Garage flavour. I wanted to keep this remix simple, so I didn’t overload it with too many sounds. Instead, I focused on building something that complimented the vibe of the vocal track as best as possible.

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