LIGHTSUM – Into The Light Review

LIGHTSUM Into The Light Cover Art

Release Date: May 24, 2022

Track Listing

  1. ALIVE
  2. i
  4. Q
  5. Bye Bye Love


CUBE Entertainment’s newest girl group LIGHTSUM has only been releasing singles up to this point. Their debut Vanilla is a good description for the song itself. It had its charms but wasn’t anything too memorable. However, their follow-up VIVACE had markedly improved song quality and left a stronger lasting impression.

Their first release of 2022 is their first mini-album titled Into The Light. This 5-track EP features the lead single ALIVE, an energetic song about finding the one who sets your loins blazing with desire. Okay, maybe I’m overstating the lyrics slightly, but that’s how I interpreted them.

The next song, i continues the theme of loins aflame, although at a much faster pace. This track is much like VIVACE in some ways, putting the LIGHTSUM squarely in the world of infectious dance-pop. I enjoy this song more than the a-side since it appeals to my dance-pop sensibilities more.

Q has LIGHTSUM going a little bit harder than their usual pop fodder. And they don’t sound out of place on a track like this. So it will be a refreshing change of pace if they go in this direction a little more for future releases to spice things up.

The other two tracks are mid-tempo pop songs that are nice to listen to but didn’t leave a lasting impact on me. But don’t let that stop you from giving them a spin.

I like LIGHTSUM, but they still have a bit of an unknown commodity feel as a group since they haven’t formed a solid musical identity yet. Into The Light appears to be trying to resolve that by adding some diversity of sound and ideas to their tiny catalogue of songs.

So I would consider this an enjoyable listen that is a small step in helping define who LIGHTSUM are.

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