LIMELIGHT – StarLight (Selective Hearing Remix)


Release Date: September 29, 2022
Key: F# Minor
BPM: 126

StarLight is the pre-debut single from 143 Entertainment’s newest girl group, LIMELIGHT. The original version is a high-energy three-and-a-half minutes of girl pop. If it sounds similar to an IZONE song, it’s because it pretty much is, having been written and composed by the lyricist and producers of IZONE’s Fiesta.

Given that StarLight falls well within the style of girl pop I enjoy, I was elated to see that the studio acapella was included on LIMELIGHT’s pre-debut EP. It’s a rarity that something like that even appears on a release these days.

So with that gift dropped in my lap, I started with creating a remix of StarLight without worrying about performing various kinds of studio magic to cover up artifacts or make the vocal less shitty sounding.

My version drops much of the overcomplicated production of the original for a much more simplified approach. The final result stays within the world of girl group dance-pop but isn’t hammering you over the head as much as the original.

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