LOONA – [#] Review

LOONA # CD Cover

Release Date: February 5, 2020

Track Listing

  1. #
  2. So What
  3. Number 1
  4. Oh (Yes I Am)
  5. Ding Ding Dong
  6. 365


LOONA’s second EP [#] arrives two years after their debut [++], and it’s repackaged album [X X]. The success of their debut EP has elevated the expectations of LOONA to new levels. Will they be able to equal their past achievements, or will [#] fall under the sophomore slump category?

Based on the opening two songs, there should be no worry that LOONA will falter with this EP. [#] is a short but intense bit of dubby dance music that is an excellent introduction to the lead single So What. Unlike LOONA’s previous efforts, this track takes them into the world of telling the world how badass they are and how many fucks they give.

It may come as a bit of shock to those who like the lighter side of LOONA, but you have to give the group props for trying something different. The remainder of [#] is more of what made [++] and [X X] the fantastic albums they are. Much of the remaining material sounds like a continuation of where they left off on those albums.

What will float your boat will depend on what your listening mood is. Number 1 will satisfy those who want some smooth R&B/Pop in their lives. In contrast, Oh (Yes I Am) and Ding Ding Dong will appeal to folks who crave something with a little more frenzy.

The last song on this EP is 365. Released back in December of 2019, it is a love letter to LOONA’s fans. They promise to shine for the entire year as a sign of appreciation. This expression of affection should bring those feels to even the most stoic of Orbits.

Overall, [#] is a concise but entertaining EP that shows that LOONA is capable of keeping their momentum going even with the gap between releases.

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