Lyrical School – SPOT Review

Lyrical School Spot

Release Date: March 10, 2015

Track Listing

  1. I.D.O.L.R.A.P.
  2. Pride
  3. OMG
  4. – 4 Years –
  5. Fresh!!!
  6. Rainbow Disco
  7. Brand New Day
  8. – 8 P.M. –
  9. Car
  10. Gekka Bijin
  11. Yume Deaitai ne
  12. Waratte
  13. S.TA.G.E.


A year and half after the release of their second full-length album Date Course, Lyrical School return with their third album SPOT. The album features production from tofubeats and Kenichiro Nishihara as well as songs written by ALI-KICK and LITTLE.

When listening to this album one can hear how Lyrical School has upped their game. When compared to Date Course it’s like this is a completely different group.

Gone are the less desirable idol elements that hampered their previous album, especially the failure to sing in key. Instead there is a focus on the strength of this group, spitting verses.

The opening track I.D.O.L.R.A.P. establishes a take no prisoners approach right off the bat with an acapella verse that seamlessly transitions into the introduction of an a funky party beat. It is immediately evident at this point that the member’s emcee skills have improved significantly.

This evolution continues in the first half of the album as the group takes on more complex productions such as Pride, Rainbow Disco and Yume Deaitai ne. These types of tracks are where Lyrical School excel.

Where they tend to falter is when the tempo starts to slow down. The prime example of this is Gekka Bijin, which is more of a test of patience than anything. It brings the entire flow of the album down to a grinding halt. Thankfully that type of vibe doesn’t last very long and the songs start to gain steam again as the album ends.

With many of Lyrical School’s deficiencies corrected from their last outing the end result is something that shows that this group should be taken a bit more seriously in regards to what they bring to the table.

If you weren’t sold on the Lyrical School before, SPOT might just change your mind. Otherwise this is some damn good Hip-Hop you should be paying attention to regardless of whether this is done by idols or not.



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